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CONCLUSIONS - Scientific debates, fingerprint pattern & dermatoglyphics

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scientific debates, fingerprint pattern & dermatoglyphics!

And regarding the fingerprint dermatoglyphics one should focuss more on the question: "What is the relevance of a fingerprint pattern on different/individual fingers?" In the scientific debates about fingerprint dermatoglyphics this matter has not been discussed thoroughly.

Nevertheless, one can conclude that many researchers in the academic scientific community have recognized the diagnostic potential of the human hand in the field of medics, psychiatry, and psychology. This is also illustrated by the fact that some very experienced general practitioners use the hand to diagnose medical (physical) problems. However, in the Western society this has not become common knowledge yet, and this explains why quite a lot of people still relate handanalysis with 'bogus readings'.

Therefore it is important that handanalysts, palm readers, cheirologists, chirologists, and hand readers become familiar with the 'fundamental knowledge' about hands which has been acquired by the academic scientific community in the 20th century. When handanalysts start communicating this knowledge towards their clients and the society, it becomes much more likely that the impasse on the one-sided 'image' of handanalysis will be replaced by new developments worldwide.

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Common used synonyms for hand reading are: palmistry - palm reading - hand analysis - chirology - chiromancy - chirognomy