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Hand Diagnostics & Diseases:

syndromes & chromosomes (malformations + deviations)

Next to the 'autosomal trisomy syndromes' (= group 1, which was discussed in the previous paragraph), 3 other groups of syndromese are also frequently accompagnied with typical hand features. However, in these other groups of syndromes the variations are much larger compared to group 1 (the 'autosomal trisomy syndromes'). Therefore the accessory 'phantom-pictures' describing the expected hand features are less precise.

The following presents an overview of important syndromes in each group:

Group 2: Syndromes with a structural chromosomal malformation.

Important examples of these syndromes are:

1 - Fragile-X syndrome (or: Martin-Bell syndrome).
2 - Chri-du-chat syndrome (featured with: a defect on chromosome 5p).
3 - Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (featured with: a defect on chromosome 4p).
4 - 18p- syndrome, 18q- syndrome, en 18r syndrome.

The scientific literature presents 'phantom pictures' for each of these syndromes.

Group 3: Syndromes with a deviant number of sex chromosomes.

Important examples in group 3 are:

1 - Turner syndrome (XO).
2 - triple-x syndrome (XXX).
3 - Klinefelter's syndrome (XXY, XXXY, XXXXY, XXXXXY).
4 - XYY syndrome.

The scientific literature presents 'phantom pictures' for Turner's syndrome and Klinefelter's syndrome.

Page 11

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