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DISEASES - Other: fetal alcohol syndrome, (auto)immune diseases & infection diseases

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Hand Diagnostics & Diseases:

fetal alcohol syndrome, (auto)immune diseases & infection diseases!

An example with a major influence of (infection) diseases is: 'neonatal rubella'. The hands of these children are frequently featured with a combination of various characteristics: the Sydney line (see figure B-6 on the preceding page), the simian crease (10%), a high axial triradius (25%), and a high number of whorls, and radial loops (on other fingers than the index finger1.

An example of a syndrome which develops as the result of using drugs is: ''fetal alcohol syndrome'. This syndrome is frequently featured by a simian crease combined with asymmetric dermatoglyphics: a large number of variations is observed among the dermatoglyphics of both hands2-3.

Exogen influences manifest after the birth of the child. Dependent on the genetic features of an individual, exogen influences can manifest in dramatic results such as: a disease or a developmental disorder. Because the analysis of the genetic features of an individual is a very complicated matter, the dermatoglyphics can frequently provide a clue on the cause of a disease or developmental disorder.

Over the years success-stories have been reported on a large number of (auto)immune diseases. various studies have reported a large percentage of dermatoglyphic abnormalities regarding: various types of cander, reumatoide arthritis, multipe sclerosis, and diabetic type 1.

Various infection diseases are featured with a statistical large number of dermatoglyphic abnormalities. Important exaples of these diseases are: leukemia, epilepsy, neonatal rubella, and schizophrenia. The next paragraph of this course will e.g. inform you about the dermatoglyphic features which are frequently observed in the hands of people suffering from schizophrenia.

Finally one should also be informed about the fact that other specific medical diseases can be featured with statistical dermatoglyphic abnormalities Examples of these diseases are: alcoholism, idiopathic hypertension and various heart problems.


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