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PSYCHIATRY - Schizophrenia, psychosis & depression

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Hand Diagnostics & Psychiatry:

schizophrenia, psychosis & depression!

The preceeding paragraph stated that dermatoglyphics are merely being used for diagnostic issues in the perspective of the medical sciences. Between the fields of the sciences of medicine and psychology sciences one finds the field of psychiatry.

The present paragraph will focuss on the 3 major aspects of modern psychiatry: schizophrenia, psychosis, and depression. Regarding each of these psychiatric diseases some major hand related diagnostic findings will be discussed.


Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disease featured with: the perception dellusions, hallucinations, and often odd behaviour combined with disorders in mental perceptions and the use of language. Schizophrenia has a chronic nature, and the last stage(s) of this disease is usually characterized by a shallow development of the personality on various levels. This becomes manifest on both the emotional and mental aspects of the personality. In the DSM IV system of classification presented by the American Psychiatric Association, schizophrenia is classified among the family of the psychoses: see table C-1.

- Table C-1: The psychoses of DSM-IV.1
- 1 - Schizophrenia
- 2 - Schizophreniform disorder
- 3 - Schizoaffective disorder
- 4 - Dellusions
- 5 - Short psychotic disorder
- 6 - Shared psychotic disorder
- 7 - Psychotic disorder as the result of a somatic disease
- 8 - Psychotic disorder as the result of drug abuse
- 9 - Psychotic disorder NOS (not speicified / atypical)

During the last decennia various theoretic models were presented and studied to understand the causes of the schizophrenic disease.

The 60's were characterized with a focuss on the social and interactive behavioral aspects. A notorious example concerns the so-called 'double blind' therory, which says that the mothers of schizophrenics are inclined to use 'multiple' messages during childhood - characterized by a different intention (or message) on the verbal and nonverbal levels of communication. According the 'double blind' therory this leads to a split 'schizophrenic' functioning of the brains, which would result in a 'split personality'. But today this 'double blind' theory is no longer related to the etiology of schizophrenia - according the present standards of modern psychiatry.


1 - Den Boeren, J.A. & van den Bosch, R.J. Leerboek Schizofrenie: een neurologische benadering. De Tijdstroom BV, Utrecht, 1996.

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