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PSYCHIATRY - Psychosis: dermatoglyphics, fingerprint, AtD angle & axial triradius

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Hand Diagnostics & Psychiatry:

psychosis - broken skin ridges, abnormal lines & simian crease

Both the study performed by van Os1 and the study performed by Rosa2 have shown that 'broken skin ridges' are frequently observed in the hands of psychotic people, see table C-8 and figure C-3 (see page 17).

Table C-8: 'broken skin ridges' and 'abnormal lines' in psychotic people1.

- Percentages - Control group (N=26) - Psychotic people (N=38)
- Broken skin ridges - 4 % - 19 %
- Abnormal lines - 15 % - 50 %
- 1 of both features - 15 % - 55 %

LEVEL 2: hand morphology and psychotic behavior

Research on the relationship between the hand morphology and psychotic behavior is very rare.

LEVEL 3: the lines and psychotic behavior

Three studies have presented evidence which shows a relationship between the palmar lines and psychotic behavior. Again the simian crease appears to be a relevant factor. In the study presented by Hilbun3 the hands of 3 out of 20 children (=15%) showed simian crease in both hands.

The studies by van Os1 and Rosa2 indicate that the hands of psychotic people are frequently featured with 'abnormal lines' (see table C-8 above).


1 - Van Os, J. et al. (1997). Dermatoglyphic findings on a group of psychotic children. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, 41, p.624-626.
2 - Rosa, A. et al. (2000). Congenital dermatoglyphic malformations and psychosis: a twin study. American Journal of psychiatry, Sep; 157(9): p.1511-1513.
3 - Hilbun, w.B. (1970). Dermatoglyphic findings on a group of psychotic children. The journal of nervous and mental disease, vol.151, no.5, p.352-358.

Page 23

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