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PSYCHIATRY - Psychosis: dermatoglyphics, fingerprint, AtD angle & axial triradius

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Hand Diagnostics & Psychiatry:

psychosis - dermatoglyphics, fingerprint, AtD angle & axial triradius!

What is a PSYCHOSIS?

A 'psychosis' or a 'psychotic' state of mind is: a sever psychological state of mind where the subject is not able discriminate the outside (objective) reality from the inside (subjective) reality1. Possible aspects of psychotic behavior are: delussions, hallucinations and thinking disorders. Genes may play a part in the onset of this kind of behavior. Table C-1 (see page 14) describes the various psychoses which are described in the DSM-IV system of classification.

The relationship between hand features and psychoses (other than schizophrenia) has been studied in a relative small number of studies. Nevertheless, these studies have produced results which appear to be related to schizophrenia.

LEVEL 1: the dermatoglyphics and psychotic behavior.

In a study executed by Hilbun2 the hands of 20 psychotic children had e.g. a relatively high number of fingerprint whorls. In a study executed by Markow & Gottesmann3 the hands of twins had frequently a different pattern on individual fingers of both hands.

The study of Hilbun2 describes a high frequency of a palmar loop between the middle finger and the ring finger. The axial triradius was more frequently observed in the lower parts of the palm, however the AtD-angle showed frequently a value above 56 degrees, see: table C-7 and figure C-8.

Table C-7: the AtD-angle in psychotic people.

- AtD-angle - Normal - Psychotic
- t - less than 450 - 63 % - 25 %
- t' - between 450 and 560 - 21 % - 10 %
- t'' - more than 560 - 2 % - 50 %
- tt' (= 2 triradii) - 6 % - 10 %
- Overige combinaties - 8 % - 5 %

Figure C-8: The AtD-angle = angle between the a- and d-triradius on the basis of the axial-triradius (t).


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2 - Hilbun, W.B. (1970). Dermatoglyphic findings on a group of psychotic children. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, vol.151, no.5, p.352-358.
3 - Markow, T.A. & Gotteman, I.I. (1989). Fluctuating dermatoglyphic asymmetry in psychotic children. Psychiatric Research, 29: p.37-43.

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