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PSYCHOLOGY - Intelligence & minor physical deviations

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Hand Diagnostics & Psychology:

intelligence & minor physical deviations!

The former paragraph has informed you that the hands of psychiatric patients show often features which are far less frequently found in the hands of 'normal' people' (this has been noticed on all 3 hand dimensions: dermatoglyphics, morphology and the creases).

The present paragraph will use 3 important themes from modern scientific psychology to describe an overview of the research studies which have been executed on various hand features in the past decades. The themes are: intelligence, personality features, and developmental disorders. And naturally the acquired knowledge and essential insights will be discussed here.


The hand related research focussed on intelligence has usually been executed on the hands of retarded and simple minded people (featured by a low IQ). Unfortunately there are no studies reported (yet) focussing on the hands of 'highly gifted people'.

Low intelligence can be caused by various factors. Fact is that intelligence is partly determined by environmental sources - for high intelligence always implicates a certain kind of 'development'. However, low intelligence can be caused by a simple brain trauma. Negative circumstances can play a part in developing low intelligence. And of course: genetic features can be the major cause of low intelligence. For example: Down's syndrome is usually featured with a below average intelligence.

Quite a few years ago, science has identified that a low IQ is frequently accompagnied with 'minor physical deviations'. Interestingly, a large number of these reported deviations (12 out of 57 minor physical deviations) are related to hand morphology (HAND DIMENSION 2) and the palmar creases (HAND DIMENSION 3).

Page 26

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